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Taking Solar on (and off) the Road

When Julie and I were planning out All Things Renewable, I told her that I ultimately wanted to manufacture portable solar power stations and car ports.

Recently, we had a company request information on solar for construction trailers.  During the initial meeting with the client, it became clear that they typically didn’t own the construction trailers, and installing solar directly on them was complicated and impractical.  I presented the idea of a trailer-based solar power station, and they liked the idea enough to ask us to spec one out.  So, Brian and I sat down at a local diner one afternoon and started penciling out design specs and load requirements. Brian Matzen is my systems installation contractor and electrical consultant, and has years of experience in custom solar application design.

Solar generator is easily towable to a job site or field use

Solar generator is easily towable to a job site or field use

Anyway, we did a bit of competitive research, and Brian found a company that already builds these things to military specification.  It didn’t take long for both of us to realize there was little point in trying to build something to the customer’s requirements without having field tested a generic unit, so the logical decision was to talk with the manufacturer.

As a result, All Things Renewable now carries solar power stations. These units come pre-designed to military specs, so they are incredibly durable and sized to replace a 10kW diesel generator, except quiet and with no fumes.  These solar generators can be customized to suit specific output requirements, include wind turbines, propane backup systems, and even  mobile workstations.  Stop by the store to find out more.