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Bokashi Composting

Bokashi – This is not Grandma’s compost!

Bokashi is a form of composting that uses microbes (or probiotics) to rapidly degrade organic waste while suppressing the growth of other potentially dangerous organisms. What this means to you, is that you can have a counter top composting container to put all of your food scraps in that will not smell funny. This composting method even allows for you to put in dairy, meats, and prepared food.

The method is quick and easy. After the container is full you have a couple of options with what to do.

  1. You can transfer the waste into a second container outdoors to further the fermenting process before it is buried.
  2. You can bury the waste in the ground and let the remainder of the composting process to happen in the soil.

The composting process is accelerated by the microbes and should be fully fermented and ready to be buried in 14 days.

Bokashi allows for around the year composting. Having the microbes assistance, bokashi allows for fermentation and decomposition of food waste during high and low temperatures.

Another plus to the Bokashi method is the compost Tea produced. This Tea is a liquid produced by the fermenting process. The Tea can be diluted with water and added to house plants or your garden as an organic fertilizer. It contains healthy microbes and nutrients that will benefit your plants.

This method of composting is easy to get started with, will minimize waste, and will benefit the health of all your plants.

Complete Bokashi kits are available for quick and easy start up. Make organic fertilizer a part of your indoor and outdoor gardening.